'You never listen to me': Macron meets MBS on G20 sidelines

'You never listen to me': Macron meets MBS on G20 sidelines

But with the agency not publicly stating so, Trump has attempted to deflect blame away from the crown prince. (AP Photo/Sebastian Pani) May laughs with Trump as the leaders sit down for a meeting.

Even U.S. President Donald Trump didn't acknowledge the pair.

Mattis told reporters that he went over intelligence reports and read translations of tapes twice, alleging that none of it directly ties the killing to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

European Union leaders urged G-20 participants to address concerns about journalist safety and the Saudi-backed war in Yemen.

Already the French Presidency has said that Emmanuel Macron spoke to the Crown Prince on the summit's sidelines about both the journalist's murder and Saudi's role in the war in Yemen, which the United Nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and bin Salman shared a chummy, enthusiastic greeting, beaming widely and clasping hands in something of a cross between a handshake and a high-five. "But Argentine judicial authorities have turned back that effort as they take steps toward investigating the crown prince's connection with alleged war crimes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and torture by Saudi officials".

In the video, the French President can clearly be heard saying "I am worried" after the Crown Prince tells him not to be concerned.

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During the course of the day, President Trump "exchanged pleasantries" with Salman, telling reporters that while they didn't talk about hot-button issues concerning the USA and Saudi Arabia, it was possible the pair would do so as the summit rolled on.

The Saudi ruler's presence at the summit is seen as a test of his future status on the world stage in the wake of the Jamal Khashoggi murder.

G20 powers opened two days of summit talks, after a stormy buildup dominated by tensions with Russian Federation and US President Donald Trump's combative stance on trade and climate fears. The White House was said to prevent CIA Director Gina Haspel from attending a closed-door briefing on the killing this week with senators, prompting more criticism.

Ms Merkel said she would address the Russia/Ukraine stand-off during their discussions, a crisis she has blamed "entirely" on Russia.

Mr Trump's key agenda item though, will be Saturday's dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping - a head to head that world markets will also be watching closely.

Separately, the arrival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was delayed after her official jet was hit by technical issues, forcing it to return to the country shortly after take-off. The deal still needs to win congressional approval in Washington.