Border Patrol Caught a Convicted Murderer From Honduras in the Caravan

Border Patrol Caught a Convicted Murderer From Honduras in the Caravan

A self-identified MS-13 gang member arrested over the weekend told Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that he was part of the caravan of immigrants trying to enter the U.S.

The two are being held up by federal authorities as examples of some of the criminals who have traveled through Mexico to the border with Central American caravans hoping to enter the USA, many through the asylum process. Officials say the agent, along with a K-9, tracked the 36-year-old suspect to a remote desert area where the suspect struck the agent several times.

After further investigation, it was discovered the illegal alien was in Honduran prison for almost two decades after being convicted of murder.

It was the middle of the night Thursday at the U.S. -Mexico border, next to the first of two U.S border fences separating Tijuana from San Diego, and an Associated Press photographer was there to capture the moment the man, holding his toddler close, chose to take a chance, looking for a different, better life than the one he had back in Honduras or in a bleak, overcrowded shelter in Tijuana.

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"The man also told agents he traveled to the United States border with a large group of people from Central America intending on filing for asylum in the United States", the news release said. One of the two still unidentified males was previously deported from the US and could face federal charges for illegal re-entry. Earlier this week, an MS-13 member was found in the caravan.

The women are also calling on Mexican migration authorities to grant speedy humanitarian visas to migrants who want to remain in Mexico. The San Diego Sector Border Patrol's Foreign Operations Branch corroborated the man's admission with the Honduran Consulate in Los Angeles and discovered that Ramirez served 16 years in a Honduran prison for his crime.

Administration officials have portrayed the caravan as a lawless, violent mob, saying there are some 600 people in the group who have a criminal history. The fact that Border Patrol arrested a murderer within the first caravan-related apprehensions at our southern border proves how real the threat of the caravan is to our national security and public safety.