US Constitution doesn't cover birthright citizenship, says Trump

US Constitution doesn't cover birthright citizenship, says Trump

Trump's comments come as he tries to focus the debate on immigration and a caravan of Central American migrants heading to the USA border as the country a week before the midterm elections reels from the massacre of 11 worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue and pipe-bomb mailings to a number of prominent Democrats. Critics of birthright citizenship say that the amendment was never meant to apply to children of two non-citizens - and particularly those who have come to the country illegally. "Now they're saying I can do it just with an executive order".

"With all of those benefits [of citizenship], it's ridiculous", he said.

Trump, whose hard-line stance against illegal immigration helped him win the White House, is emphasizing his policy to drum up support for fellow Republicans in the elections as Americans are sharply divided and grappling with race and national identity.

"It's in the process, it'll happen - with an executive order". "Guess what? You don't", he said, adding that he has run it by his counsel.

But most scholars on the left and right share the view that it would take a constitutional amendment to deny automatic citizenship to children born in the parents who are in the country illegally.

Ryan should be focusing on preserving the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Trump tweeted on Wednesday, rather than giving opinions on the issue of birthright citizenship, "something he knows nothing about!". "They are as "subject to the jurisdiction" as those of us who were born here".

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It is, Skrentny added, a philosophy that works well for countries made up of immigrants, such as the USA and Canada. "Is it any wonder that two-thirds of the babies born at taxpayer expense in this country's county-run hospitals in Los Angeles are born to illegal alien mothers?" He called it "outrageous that the president can think he can override constitutional guarantees by issuing an executive order".

According to World Atlas, 30 other countries also offer birthright citizenship.

Old footage of former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shows that some of the strong voices in the Democratic Party agree with President Donald Trump on his proposal to abolish birthright citizenship.

President Donald Trump plans to use an executive order to end birthright citizenship. We all cherish the language of the 14th Amendment.

The judge was the #OneLuckyGuy on Wednesday's Outnumbered panel, and he started by discarding the idea that there's a legal dispute about the 14th Amendment's nature of granting birthright citizenship. We have no way of tracking that, so that is our direct message to the families of Central America: Do not send your children to the borders.

The options are just two of many possibilities now under discussion, including asylum law changes and simply barring members of the migrant caravans from entering the country using the same mechanism as the president's much-publicized travel ban for people from certain Muslim countries.