Joe Manchin, a Democrat, to Vote Yes to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Joe Manchin, a Democrat, to Vote Yes to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Collins said Friday that she was confident that Kavanaugh will not overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalised abortion in the U.S. She also said that she believes Ford, but thinks somebody else besides Kavanaugh must have been the perpetrator.

Ford's claims led to a Senate hearing where both she and the judge testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee. and a brief follow-up FBI investigation authorized by the Prez.

Collins said he privately assured her that "decisions become part of our legal framework with the passage of time and that honoring precedent is essential to maintaining public confidence". "We must always remember that it is when passions are most inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy".

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she's going to vote in favor of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. "Informed by Alexander Hamilton's Federalist 76, I have interpreted this to mean that the president has broad discretion to consider a nominee's philosophy, whereas my duty as a senator is to focus on the nominee's qualifications as long as that nominee's philosophy is within the mainstream of judicial thought".

Republican Susan Collins and Democrat Joe Manchin, both regarded as swing votes, said they would support Kavanaugh.

Senators are expected to be there in force from 15:30 in the lead-up to the vote.

Republicans control the Senate by a meagre 51-49 margin.

Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, a fellow moderate and a friend of Collins, is the only Republican who has indicated she will vote no.

Trump supporters, who waited for hours to enter the Kansas Expocentre for the president's campaign rally just weeks before the midterm elections, broke into cheers when the vote was called in Washington, D.C., chanting "Kavanaugh!" over the opera music of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli playing on the arena sound system. Two other women also publicly accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

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Democrats said Kavanaugh's partisan defense of himself, in which he said he was victim of a "political hit", was enough itself to disqualify him from the court.

With Kavanaugh taking a seat on the bench, the court is now majority conservative. "Her vote is less and less about Mainers", Gideon said.

Though the fight to confirm Trump's pick is now official over, the impact of Kavanaugh's confirmation will have a lasting effect.

Every Democrat voted against the Trump appointee, except for Sen. As of Friday night, she appears to be the only Republican who will vote against the judge.

"In my conscience. I could not conclude that he is the right person for the court at this time", the senator said.

"Nothing like starting with binders full of women (and men) ready to take up the fight", she wrote.

But his nomination blew up completely last month when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor, publicly came forward with allegations that Kavanaugh tried to rape her in high school.

Actor James Wood, however, showed his support for the new Supreme Court justice, tweeting "Justice".