Riz Ahmed Starts Hilarious Mogambo Challenge

Riz Ahmed Starts Hilarious Mogambo Challenge

This teaser trailer released in February and disappointed many fans who said why was there no Venom in a trailer for the movie Venom. At least I was never mad watching it? "We had a meeting and said 'Tom really loved doing this but it's not going in'".

The highly anticipated film stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a reporter who merges with an alien symbiote in the Spider-Man comics. Well, it sounds like that's exactly what the movie delivers, complete with a freakish and fascinating performance from Tom Hardy that makes the movie surprisingly amusing, intentional or not. When making any project, you always want more footage instead of less, so Hardy's comments from yesterday shouldn't have been automatically bad.

With the social media embargo for Venom now up following its world premiere in Los Angeles, we can reveal whether there are any end- or post-credit scenes in the Sony-Marvel film and, if so, how many. On the one hand, most of the professional reviewers agree that the Marvel Comics adaptation is not a good start to Sony's new cinematic universe. I am not sure I have had the reactions that could be expected on certain scenes, but the fun is fun, even when it's totally ridiculous right?

- The Mothmeg NYCC (@rustypolished) October 2, 2018Significant chunks of #Venom don't work *at all* but there is some serious charm to the Eddie/Venom relationship. So it's hard to decide just how serious Hardy is being.

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'So, I thought that he would be an exciting guy to get into the ring with. But this does indicate what the earliest critical reception is for the film, something that is mirrored by the Twitter reactions that were released earlier this week.

"I think there's a pretty obvious one inherent to the Venom franchise that for whatever reason couldn't be included in the film". Is there an R-rated cut sitting there?

"I'm talking [from] an actor's point of view", he told IGN.

Venom hits theatres October 3. And also, Riz challenged Tom Hardy to take up the Mogambo challenge as well.

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