Amazon releases plethora of new and updated Echo devices

Amazon releases plethora of new and updated Echo devices

For the connectivity-driven drivers, Echo Auto also brings the smart home with it. Users can issue commands such as "open/close the garage door" and control their thermostat or lights directly from the vehicle before they get home.

The new Echo Dot comes with a fabric side in three colors charcoal, gray, and white.

It still features both Bluetooth and aux output that can be used to hook it up to a bigger speaker. Each Smart Plug goes for an affordable $25, and they'll be available on October 11. To know what is happening with other smart devices in a home, the Echo speaker needs to be connected to them. It is incredibly slim with a 12.5mm thickness and will be up on sale later this year at $34.99. So it can activate Alexa routines according to a room's temperature. The device won't be released until 14 November, though American customers can pre-order it right now from Amazon's website. With new premium speakers and Dolby processing, you will not only get a better image but better sound.

One of numerous products announced at Amazon's massive hardware event is a device called Echo Auto that brings Alexa into your vehicle.

Amazon is selling two versions: The $229.99 model lets you record up to two shows at once, while the more expensive $279.99 model gives you more storage and the ability to record up to four shows simultaneously. Whatever you plug into the Smart Plug thereby has power controlled by the Smart Plug, which is controlled by Alexa.

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- Guarding homes - A freshly announced Alexa Guard service synchronizes with Echo speakers in the home and security cameras from Amazon-owned smart doorbell maker Ring. There is a giant leap to a huge 10-inch HD display which is the largest you'll get on any Echo device. On detection of specific sounds, it can alert you or your security provider.

Amazon has launched a slew of new Alexa-powered devices.

The $60 Dollars microwave also includes Dash Replenishment Services, which means the cooking box can also automatically reorder food from Amazon. This means you don't need to buy specific appliances to have voice control, which could have a huge impact on consumers. Priced at $59.99, the preorder for Amazon Basics Microwave has started already.

So. Amazon made a smart microwave, meaning the company is just that much closer to controlling every aspect of our lives. So the only thing that sets it apart from regular clocks is that you can use Alexa and your voice to set timers, alarms, and change the time. At a time when Google and Apple are talking up sound quality, Amazon needed to have a product that answered this need.