OnePlus is about to launch its first ever TV

OnePlus is about to launch its first ever TV

OnePlus will have to enter the market with its own USP to make space for itself in the television industry.

In an interview with Business Insider, Lau said OnePlus plans to release its first TV in 2019, but it will take some time to ideal.

OnePlus seems to acknowledge that it would be hard building this sort of ecosystem from scratch on its own, so it's partnering with a "mainstream" provider for the software side of things, though it hasn't revealed who that will be. The home is perhaps the most important environment experience for every user out there and it's just starting to enjoy the benefits of intelligent connectivity.

The division will make smart TVs that combine high-quality hardware with a seamless user experience and minimalist design, OnePlus said. If it utilises the same approach for the TV market, we could see a very swish TV put together from high-end components at an affordable price. "It won't be something that's ideal and absolutely complete and revolutionary from the start". Lau says that it's building a premium, flagship TV, with the specs to match, so I'd at least expect it to be 4K HDR.

"With the development of AI technology, our imagination is endless - and we are looking forward to the future", he added.

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The first TV by the company will be called the OnePlus TV, Pete revealed. However, OnePlus is aiming to improve your home by working on the OnePlus TV.

However, OnePlus is planning to change it with OnePlus TV by offering a next-level experience gradually make it smarter and more connected over the next few years. However, it also has a background in producing Blu-ray players, it says here, and now OnePlus Founder, CEO and Supreme Guru Pete Lau has announced its making a play for the biggest prize in AV: a place in the T3 list of best smart TVs.

OnePlus TV is now in the planning phase and the company is yet to enter the manufacturing stage.

OnePlus is a rare success story in the smartphone startup business. Like it's doing with its smartphones, OnePlus will take suggestions from its community on what features to include, something I don't believe any other TV manufacturer is doing. Well, the company is trying to fix the idea that households need more than just one device to get something done. "We want a seamless user experience", he said.

Even so, Lau wants to be clear that OnePlus is taking this seriously, and that the die has been cast: The OnePlus TV is the next big thing for the company.