Post Malone survives serious vehicle crash weeks after plane scare

Post Malone survives serious vehicle crash weeks after plane scare

Post Malone escapes near to death experience just weeks ago when the tires of his plane bursted and a few weeks after he gets into another terrible auto crash.

The "Rockstar" entertainer's Rolls Royce Wraith collided with a Kia vehicle around 2:40 am on Friday morning on Santa Monica Boulevard.

He was a passenger in his white Rolls Royce Wraith, driven by his assistant, when the collision happened.

Rapper Post Malone arrives at the iHeartRadio MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 18, 2017.

After facing his second travel terror in less than a month, the rapper appeared to be in good spirits.

"God must hate me lol", he tweeted after the accident.

The 23-year-old's auto accident comes just two weeks after the tires on his private plane that was headed to London, blew out during takeoff at Teterboro Airport near New York City which resulted in a terrifying emergency landing.

The plane was diverted to NY, but was forced to circle in the air for several hours to burn off fuel.

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"I landed guys. Thank you for your prayers", Malone tweeted shortly after stepping from the plane.

He then took aim at the trolls who wished him harm as the drama was unfolding. "F*** you. But not today". I don't even know what to say, man.

"There was one hell of a team on that aircraft, and we're here, we're here on earth, and I need a beer, and I need some wine, at the same time, mixed together".

Finally, the small jet landed safely at New York's Stewart Airport where fire trucks and ambulances had been waiting on the scene.

Malone was on his way to London Luton Airport in England, where the rapper was set to perform at the Reading & Leeds festival.

The pilot circled the Teterboro Airport for about 30 minutes before the jet was diverted so it could burn fuel to make it safer in case the pilot needed to eventually crash land.

"First nearly a plane, now nearly a vehicle", he remarked to the news station.