Ronan Farrow’s Former Producer Says NBC Tried To Kill Weinstein Story

Ronan Farrow’s Former Producer Says NBC Tried To Kill Weinstein Story

Now, former NBC news producer Rich McHugh, who worked on the story with Farrow, has accused NBC of trying to kill the story. Since last fall, the journalist has written several pieces that revealed sexual assault and harassment by Hollywood higher-ups, including Weinstein.

McHugh spoke on the record with The New York Times for a story published Thursday night, shortly after The Daily Beast published an articlewith other accusations regarding NBC's decision not to run Farrow's story. He left his job at NBC's investigative unit some two weeks ago for an opportunity to work for Al Gore on a climate change documentary. Farrow spent a year reporting into allegations against Weinstein. "And to stand down on the story altogether".

Farrow eventually took the story to The New Yorker and published it there. But when it comes to a report on Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual abuse of multitudes of women in Hollywood, NBC demanded that the victim of the sexual abuse publicly expose themselves to the world or else they wouldn't run with the story.

"The assertion that NBC News tried to kill the Weinstein story while Ronan Farrow was at NBC News, or even more ludicrously, after he left NBC News, is an outright lie", NBC said in an emailed statement on Friday. "NBC disagreed because, unfortunately, he did not yet have a single victim of - or witness to - misconduct by Weinstein who was willing to be identified", the statement said. Disappointed with that call, Farrow chose to go for a print outlet that he talked about turned into involving to put up right this moment.

Auletta, a mediawriter for the New Yorker, helped Farrow find a home for the reporting after he parted with NBC. "Rich is a fantastic producer and journalist".

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He added: "And we never met that threshold while Ronan turned into reporting for us".

According to the Daily Beast, Oppenheim is blaming his boss, NBC News Chairman Andy Lack, for making him the scapegoat.

A particularly suspicious moment came during a meeting in summer 2017, when Oppenheim allegedly "mentioned to Farrow that Weinstein had raised objections to Farrow's reporting-even though Farrow had not yet asked Weinstein to comment on the allegations, according to individuals briefed on the meeting".

Farrow, in a statement to the Times, appeared to validate McHugh's account.

Farrow himself said the story should have been reported earlier and has praised McHugh as an "unsung hero of this entire story". Weinstein, through a spokesperson, has consistently denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.