Google redesigns Wear OS for a quicker access to notifications and more

Google redesigns Wear OS for a quicker access to notifications and more

The new Wear OS is setup quite a bit differently than what you know of today's Wear OS. Roll out timeline for the update Google says that it will be rolling out this new version of Wear OS with the aforementioned features over the next month.

Google is in the process of revamping the interface of its Wear OS for platform for for smartwatches. More proactive help from your Google AssistantWith the new design, you can now receive proactive and personalized help from your Google Assistant. Going to the bottom will bring up notifications - all at once with a scroll, not one by one with swipe after swipe.

More importantly, the update arrives just ahead of a September 10 Qualcomm event, where the company is expected to announce a new processor designed specifically for smartwatches. It's similar to the "My Day" feature Google rolled out to its virtual assistant on phones a few weeks ago.

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The new revamped Google Assistant has gotten smarter and will provide you with helpful info based on your location. This comes right after the Google Fit interface was changed to look more like Apple Watch's activity goals.

When you want to start a workout or track your progress towards your Move Minutes and Heart Points rings, just swipe left. You can obviously still take action on them such as swipe them away or use built-in functions such as reply to a message.

Swiping down brings out the Wear OS Quick Settings menu, and it has options like Airport Mode, Find My Phone, battery percentage, Google Pay, and more. With these changes, it should be easier to get useful information from your wearable and move on with your day more quickly than before. Between Google's smartwatch fleet and Samsung's new Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch might have some decent competition. The new features have been developed in close collaborations with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association as users will now be able to access the Health app swiping right.