Cotton Applauds Trump Administration’s Rollback of Obama Climate Rule

Cotton Applauds Trump Administration’s Rollback of Obama Climate Rule

The EPA previously estimated the Clean Power Plan would have helped avoid up to 3,600 premature deaths, 90,000 child asthma attacks, and 300,000 missed school and work days a year by 2030. In less than two years in office, Trump has appointed officials who deny the science of global warming, sought to defund climate change programs and begun the process of pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The EPA estimates that the ACE rule could reduce 2030 Carbon dioxide emission by up to 1.5 percent from projected levels without the CPP, which amounts to taking 5.3 million cars off the road.

The ACE Rule would restore the rule of law and empower states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide modern, reliable, and affordable energy for all Americans. Indeed, the White House press release for the new regulation does not contain a single mention of climate change or global warming.

According to the agency estimations, the power sector's greenhouse gas emissions would continue to decline in coming years, but due mostly to market pressures. Hal Quinn, president and CEO of the National Mining Association, said the rule change was "at the top" of the coal industry's list of policy priorities, because utility executives had been shuttering coal plants at a fast pace when faced with the prospect of curbing emissions of not just carbon dioxide, but mercury, soot and smog-forming pollutants.

Trump, who is expected to tout the plan at a rally Tuesday night in West Virginia, loves what he has called "beautiful, clean coal" and has launched a widespread effort to save the energy source from disappearing from the USA energy mix.

"This is really a plan to prop up coal plants - or try to", said David Doniger, a climate expert at the Natural Resources Defence Council, an environmental group. The new rule would allow coal power plant owners to make efficiency upgrades without triggering any additional costly repairs, as the previous administration hoped to do.

Trump wasn't correct in saying it has gone away, though.

The power plan, which was finalized by the EPA under Obama in 2015, sought to reduce emissions from power plants to 32 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 but never took effect.

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The effort to re-write the plan is the latest move by Trump administration to roll back environmental rules put in place by Obama.

Demanding action from local and state elected officials "in the absence of US federal leadership", she added, "It's clear once again that the Trump administration cares only about propping up their fossil fuel executive friends over the well-being of people and the planet". And a year ago Trump announced that he would pull the USA out of the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change.

Industry officials praised the move.

It also would overhaul the triggers that prompt new permit reviews - and potentially expensive new pollution controls - that have been criticized as onerous by owners of power plants, refineries and other industrial sites.

An EPA study forecast that compliance costs relative to the CPP would be slightly lower or higher depending on the assumed cost of making efficiency improvements to the coal-fired plants. "The Clean Power Plan would have resulted in stranded assets and stranded debt, significantly increasing electricity costs for many consumers", Matheson said by email.

"We need to bring ourselves back within our authority", says Wehrum.

Those numbers are not addressed in the EPA's new report.