Stolen horn shark returns to San Antonio Aquarium today

Stolen horn shark returns to San Antonio Aquarium today

Two men have confessed to snatching a shark from an aquarium by wrapping it in a blanket to disguise it as a baby, police say. But the theft of the shark known as Helen, about a foot and a half long and less than a year old, was indeed real. "They grabbed the shark right out of the tank".

The two others involved were his wife and his neighbor, both of whom have been charged today with felony theft for an amount anywhere between $2,500 and $30,000. "She appears very healthy", Shank told journalists after returning to the aquarium Monday night.

San Antonio Aquarium said the shark was recovered safely and returned, although there are fears the animal will not be able to survive due to the nature of the ordeal.

A possible shark theft suspect posted on Facebook selling the horn shark for $300: "Selling a horn shark, flawless for the next shark week".

"They staked out that exhibit waiting for the employee to leave", Covino said.

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Describing the heist to the media, Spellman said the bucket had originally contained a 5 percent bleach solution, leading aquarium officials to worry for Ms. Helen's health.

"When we got into the garage and into the house, it looked like nearly a mock-up of here", he said, referring to the aquarium.

The suspect had an extensive aquarium habitat in his garage, the chief said, adding, "He had a lot of different marine animals in the home".

They said it's remarkable considering this species of sharks can live about an hour out of water if they're lucky. In a video, Miss Helen can be seen swimming near the surface of a large circular tank that also had an array of colorful corals inside.

Authorities are speaking with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine whether any federal charges can be filed, Salvaggio said. The horn shark was taken out of an open pool where visitors are allowed to touch and interact with sea creatures. "Obviously, he likes those types of animals".