North Korea's Kim Jong Un says soldiers' diets should be improved

North Korea's Kim Jong Un says soldiers' diets should be improved

Satellite images appear to show that North Korea has begun dismantling key features of a rocket launch site used to develop engines for ballistic missiles.

"Commercial satellite imagery of the launch pad from July 20 shows that the rail-mounted processing/transfer structure has been moved to the middle of the pad, exposing the underground rail transfer point - one of the few times it has been seen in this location", 38 North's Joseph Bermudez Jr. stated.

"Since these facilities are believed to have played an important role in the development of technologies for the North's intercontinental ballistic missile program, these efforts represent a significant confidence-building measure on the part of North Korea", the monitoring group said in their report.

President Trump on Monday asserted that he's "very happy" with progress toward ridding North Korea of nuclear weapons, despite the stiff resistance that US officials have faced from the regime in the weeks since Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un. Images from July 22 showed "considerable progress" in the dismantling process, 38 North reported, noting one side of the structure had been completely removed.

"We're all pursuing the denuclearization of North Korea and a new future of prosperity, security and peace on the Korean Peninsula and all of Asia", Trump told a VFW convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Pompeo went to Pyongyang - he thought he was going to meet Kim Jong-un but he was just stonewalled for two days, subjected to "North Korea's gonna, North Korea's gonna".

However, the watchdog pointed out, the fuel bunkers and the main processing building remain untouched.

Since the Singapore summit, satellite imagery has picked up signs that North Korea may actually have advanced its nuclear and missile programs.

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This comes as the Trump administration continues to negotiate with North Korea over its nuclear program.

"Given the state of activity, work is likely to have begun sometime within the past two weeks", it said. It comes as the U.S. media reported that Donald Trump is somehow unhappy with the denuclearization progress of the Korean Peninsula.

Stable fuel and rice prices suggest no immediate signs of major suffering in North Korea despite South Korea's recent estimates the impoverished state's economy contracted at its sharpest rate in two decades previous year.

However, Mr Trump today said he was "very happy" with the progress in relations with North Korea, saying Pyongyang had not launched any missiles or carried out any nuclear tests during the last nine months.

38 North's Town said movement toward a peace regime, including an announcement declaring an end to the Korean War, remained high on the North's agenda for its talks with the U.S.

"We've been pressing for there to be inspectors on the ground when that engine test facility is dismantled consistent with Chairman Kim's commitment", Pompeo said at a news conference in California. "This distinction has derailed diplomacy in the past", she said.

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused North Korea of "illegally smuggling petroleum products into the country at a level that far exceeds quotas" established by the United Nations.