Manafort Fails to Win Freedom While Challenging Jail Order

Manafort Fails to Win Freedom While Challenging Jail Order

The subpoenas would require their recipients to testify in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria on July 25, when Manafort's trial in Virginia is set to begin.

Ex- Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort has left the jail where he recently boasted of being treated like a "VIP," and has landed in a new lockup with a new inmate outfit.

In ordering his transfer to Alexandria, Judge T.S. Ellis wrote, "The professionals at the Alexandria Detention Center are very familiar with housing high-profile defendants including foreign and domestic terrorists, spies and traitors". But on Tuesday, Manafort resisted being moved to Alexandria, arguing that while the city jail would be more convenient, he did not want to adjust to new circumstances so close to trial.

Manafort's relocation came a day after prosecutors on the team of special counsel Robert Mueller detailed the special treatment Manafort had been afforded in the Warsaw jail since his $10 million bail was revoked June 15 after claims he tried to tamper with two potential witnesses for his trials. He also was not required to wear a prison uniform and was allowed to use his laptop in his cell, they said.

"Think about how it'll play elsewhere", Manafort said in a recorded phone call from jail cited by prosecutors.

As for listening in on Manafort's phone calls, Nanavati wrote: "Armed with personal conversations between Mr. Manafort and his family, the special counsel selects snippets to support its version of events".

The document said Manafort enjoys "VIP" privileges at the prison he's incarcerated in, has had over 100 phone calls with his lawyers, and is able to write and receive emails, among other things.

Manafort was jailed last month after Mueller alleged he and an associate "knowingly and intentionally attempted to corruptly persuade another person... with intent to influence, delay, and prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding". At that time the judge will also consider Manafort's bid to have the trial moved from Alexandria to Roanoke, 244 miles to the south, or the state capital of Richmond. He denied Manafort's request to throw out from the trial evidence investigators had obtained from his apartment in Alexandria last July.

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While the judge has ordered Manafort to change jails, he hasn't ruled on the larger motion to delay the trial.

In recent phone calls, they say, Manafort also has said he has "all my files like I would at home" and has "gone through all the discovery now".

"In order to exchange emails, he reads and composes emails on a second laptop that is shuttled in and out of the facility by his team". They claimed they needed more time to prepare their defense, and they pointed to the location of Manafort's jail as part of the problem.

Manafort has pleaded not guilty.

The special counsel said Manafort's actions violated federal law, and therefore violated the terms of his pretrial release.

But Manafort's legal team didn't complain until the last minute, the USA said.

The back-and-forth matters because Manafort has cited restrictive conditions of his pretrial detention as a reason to postpone his case on bank and tax fraud charges until at least the autumn.