Tory backbencher reveals "new leader is on its way"

Tory backbencher reveals

The plans laid out in a 98-page government paper give Britain's most detailed answer yet to the question of what will replace it.

Johnson's dramatic resignation followed those of David Davis and his deputy Steve Baker over May's plans to keep Britain economically close to the bloc. The tousle-headed blond Johnson is one of Britain's best-known politicians, and one of the most prominent advocates for Brexit.

"If the United Kingdom is able to relax some of its red lines, then the European Union should be flexible too", Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar told a session of the Irish parliament.

Trump is expected to face major protests during his trip to Britain, including a giant inflatable image of him as a crying baby to be flown near parliament on Friday.

"The government now has a song to sing", he said. Both fiercely criticized her negotiating stance.

"The government is committed to agreeing a close future relationship on financial services and a bilateral solution that preserves the mutual benefits of integrated markets whilst protecting financial stability", the ministry said in a statement.

May met with Conservative lawmakers in a packed room at Parliament, in a bid to calm the feverish atmosphere in the deeply divided party.

And former Conservative leader William Hague warned party rebels that voting against the Prime Minister's final deal could result in Brexit being indefinitely delayed or halted altogether. As we developed our policy on Brexit, I have allowed Cabinet colleagues considerable latitude to express their individual views.

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But he warned he felt "very strongly about the future of my country" and said Tories had "real concerns" about the direction of Brexit. Boris Johnson has accused her of attempting to make Britain a colony of the European Union were the proposals tabled by May to become the basis for the divorce.

The Conservatives will be "screwed" at the next general election unless Theresa May changes her Brexit policy, says a Scottish Tory MP.

The Daily Telegraph said on Tuesday night that senior Brexiteers said that they have enough letters in hand to trigger a confidence vote and will submit them unless she hardens her Brexit plans.

The chairman of the Conservatives has played down reports members are quitting the party en masse over Theresa May's plan for Brexit.

Just over one in five - 22% - think the likeliest outcome is that Britain remains in the European Union, while 7% say they don't know. Working out how to keep the now invisible border free of tariffs and customs checks has been a major stumbling block in negotiations.

Asked what he would do if the Brexit plan ended up limiting Britain's ability to conduct trade deals with non-EU countries, Fox said: "I don't believe it does". The timetable increasingly looks overly optimistic, and European Union frustration with British division and chaos is growing.

Britain voted for Brexit in June 2016, but May has so far been unable to present a common position to Brussels on what she wants because of deep divisions in her government.