Netflix is Testing a New High End Ultra Plan

Netflix is Testing a New High End Ultra Plan

Netflix is supposedly thinking about adding a fourth plan that will include access to HDR content in addition to everything now available in the Premium plan.

All other features, at least those displayed on the plan selection page on Netflix, match the Premium plan (meaning you get HD and Ultra HD, and access on four screens). The new option is not to be confused with Netflix's "Premium" plan which already exists for all users and offers "ultra HD" and the ability to stream on four devices at once.

Netflix now has three subscription plans: $7.99 Basic, $10.99 Standard and $13.99 Premium. The new plan, called "Ultra", has begun showing up on the European Netflix. In the U.S., Netflix only offers three plans: $7.99 for Basic, $10.99 for Standard and $13.99 for Premium. "In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix", a company spokesperson told Newsweek in a statement on Wednesday.

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The Ultra plan option may not be implemented broadly and, at the testing stage, not all users will automatically see it as an option. Now it looks like the company is testing out a new "Ultra" package, which naturally costs more. Nearly 6.4m new global subscribers were added in the final quarter of previous year, along with more than 1.9m users from the US.

Supposed screenshots showing the new plan made it online and it now appears as though they're genuine.

Similarly, the Standard subscription might be downgraded to just one display. Pricing for the current plans are unchanged in this test, but the way the pricing is structured seems to be a way to disguise the price hike. The Ultra plan will let you stream on 4 devices at once. This essentially means that Netflix Premium users will have to upgrade to the more expensive Ultra tier to maintain the same level of service.