Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un share historic handshake

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un share historic handshake

"I don't want to waste his time", Trump said.

Various administration Twitter feeds posted footage of Trump departing his hotel and heading to the summit with Kim on Singapore's Sentosa Island.

"The fact that we have been chosen as the site of the meeting... says something about Singapore's relations with the parties - with America, with North Korea - (and) also our standing in the global community", said Lee.

Mr. Trump and Kim are meeting Tuesday in what the US hopes will be the start of negotiations to eliminate North Korea's rapidly advancing nuclear weapons program. That's true for a number of reasons, but what they all come down to is that Trump is the one more eager for an agreement - and Kim knows it.

United States and North Korean officials were still meeting on the eve of the summit in an effort to bridge the gap between the two countries on how to substantively achieve North Korean denuclearization.

In his public statements, Mr. Trump has shown gradually greater flexibility toward North Korea, saying he viewed its disarmament as a "process", rather than something to be done all at once, and disavowing the phrase "maximum pressure", after making it the centerpiece of his policy. As a rule, they would only report on the leader's movements after the event. Trump said the meeting had been "very good".

Kim, speaking through an interpreter, said: "There were fetters and wrong practices that at times covered our eyes and ears, but we overcame everything to come this far".

The US president left the Shangri-La Hotel, where he is staying, at about 11.45am in a motorcade of more than 30 vehicles.

The full details are in, and President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are set to meet at a lavish resort in Singapore today.

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Accompanied by senior officials, the leaders of both countries had just dined on avocado salad, fresh octopus, short rib and braised cod and, Mr. Trump said, "we're going right now for a signing". They were later joined by top aides for a bilateral meeting. To some national security veterans, it raised concerns about the risk of holding such a monumental meeting solo. No, no, say others, you need to manage your expectations. Many people have pointed as a possible parallel to Richard Nixon's 1972 trip to China and his meeting with Chinese leader Mao Zedong, which produced a thaw between the two nations after two decades of hostile relations.

What does success look like? Trump has expressed some concern about China's influence.

Last week, Rodman said he would "give whatever support is needed" to his "friends" Trump and Kim.

This is a very high bar and probably unrealistic after one meeting.

The smiles on Tuesday "don't mean anything" unless they are followed by specific commitments to make change in North Korea, Mr. Pinkston said.

"While a summit between Trump and Kim would be historic, it is unlikely to be decisive".

Probably. In fact, Trump has been doing quite a bit of this lately.

When White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow went on CNN's "State of the Union" yesterday, he was mad at Justin Trudeau.