EA Shows off Battlefield V: Will Bring Battle Royale To WW II

EA Shows off Battlefield V: Will Bring Battle Royale To WW II

At the conference, EA indicated that Battlefield V will be the "deepest" and "most immersive" game in the franchise.

Battlefield V was a major focus of Electronic Arts' EA Play press conference for E3 2018, and a new trailer revealed previously unknown details about the game's Drop mode. But seriously, six minutes for a battle royale announcement.

Battlefield V launches on 19th October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with three day early access on 16th October for Deluxe Edition owners. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.

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Even in regular multiplayer matches, players will spawn onto the battlefield with only a limited supply of ammo and other gear.

"It's royale re-imagined for Battlefield", senior producer Lars Gustavsson said of the mode.

So Battlefield's take on battle royale has a lot of promise if it is executed properly, and the team at DICE have made clear that these unique aspects of Battlefield will all be present in the BR mode. There's no word on the number of players EA's twist will support. Footage of the new mode was then teased in the latest game trailer, which debuted online shortly after the presentation. Don't expect to hide from tanks in buildings, because they can just smash through them now.