Alice Johnson thanks Trump for Kardashian-backed release

Alice Johnson thanks Trump for Kardashian-backed release

The 63-year-old spent over two decades behind bars, serving life without parole for drug offenses. Kardashian West has been a fierce advocate for her sentence's commutation, funding lawyers and providing continual advocacy. Trump has commuted Ms. Johnson's sentence.

Kardashian West tweeted that her phone call with Alice Johnson was "a moment [she] will never forget".

After Johnson was released from prison, Trump tweeted that he hopes she has "a wonderful life".

"I've been waiting for these shrimp", she said of her first meal outside prison.

In portions of the interview that aired on "Anderson Cooper 360" (above), Kardashian discusses why she chose to lobby the president on behalf of Johnson, and responded to criticism that by meeting with the president she's endorsing him, "giving him legitimacy in a way", said Jones.

Following the commutation, Johnson told MSNBC that this clemency is "saving her life".

The events leading up to Johnson's offenses included divorce and the loss of her job at Fedex.

Media captionAre presidential pardons Trump's secret weapon?

The official said the Justice Department denied her petition because prosecutors maintain Johnson was involved in a drug cartel that was connected to violence and crime. Kim said of Trump, "He was compassionate".

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Alice Marie Johnson's life changed on Wednesday - and she has US President Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian West to thank.

Mr Trump and Kim met in the Oval office to discuss Ms Johnson's case on May 30.

A grandmother jailed for over 20 years on a non-violent drug charge has thanked US President Donald Trump for granting her clemency.

"Whereas this Administration will all the time be very powerful on crime, it believes that those that have paid their debt to society and labored arduous to higher themselves whereas in jail deserve a second likelihood", the White Home stated in an announcement.

Her release was confirmed by Jennifer Turner of the American Civil Liberties Union, who is part of Johnson's legal team.

She was released from prison later Wednesday.

"I trust and hope and ask to President Trump to pardon him", Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos told Trump's favorite network.

"Despite receiving a life sentence, Alice worked hard to rehabilitate herself in prison, and act as a mentor to her fellow inmates", the statement said.

He added that the White House occupant should also make more sound decisions affecting the victims of the prison industrial complex and his Republican legislator buddies who are "using tax payer money to lock up innocent diseased people".