Major Gmail Overhaul Rolls Out in July

Major Gmail Overhaul Rolls Out in July

However, if you are a G Suite user - typically people who have paid account through their work or organisation - you can try the new version much sooner by signing up to Google's early adopter programme.

Google has announced that the redesigned version of Gmail will be available to everyone in July as part of its general availability (GA) launch.

Google also revealed a timeline of when the new update will be available to users and how long you have left using the current version. Be that as it may, odds are they'll be comparable: the new plan was declared first for G Suite users, yet it was made accessible to free users in the meantime. 8 weeks after that, anyone who hasn't done that will be automatically transitioned to the new Gmail service, with a 4 week period to opt out (but only during that period.).

As of now, the highly anticipated redesigned Gmail is an EAP, which means that the customers can choose to or opt out of participating at the levels of the domain and organizational unit.

For more, be sure to read 5 New Gmail Features to Check Out Now. For a period of time, users will still have the option to opt out (see below for more details). But, after eight weeks, users will automatically be migrated to the new Gmail.

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It just seems that choice is, update or stop using Gmail. It's also the only edition of Gmail that now allows you to try out Smart Compose, which tries to complete your sentences for you.

For those who simply can't wait until July, it's possible to turn on the new Gmail now.

The new feature can be helpful to keep track of emails that are important to you and place them back to the top of your inbox for you to deal with.

Some time in September, everyone will be switched over to the new Gmail design. This will open the Google Admin console.