Andrew Lincoln Is Reportedly Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’ After Next Season

Andrew Lincoln Is Reportedly Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’ After Next Season

Collider is reporting that series star Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) will exit the show in season nine, which is set to premiere later this fall. Original cast member Chandler Riggs was written out of the series in the middle of Season 8, with his character Carl Grimes opting to commit suicide rather than transform into a walker.

As fans tried to come to terms with the impending loss of Rick Grimes many expressed a combination of sadness, gratitude to Andy Lincoln for the years he's spent bringing Rick Grimes to life, and ambivalence about their future support of the show. The Walking Dead was created to be a zombie apocalypse story that ran without definitive end, and while TV operates by a vastly different set of rules, it's in Walking Dead's DNA to a story that's bigger than just one man.

Reps for Lincoln did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment, while AMC declined to comment.

The Walking Dead season nine will start later this year.

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Lincoln's character has been the show's protagonist since the first episode.

Fans of the series have often showed their support for Daryl, namely with campaigns against killing off the loveable character. While Cohan will return in a limited fashion, she also booked a starring role in a new ABC series called Whiskey Cavalier that was picked up to series just a few weeks ago. Reedus, who has a good relationship with AMC, also has another television series on the network called 'Ride with Norman Reedus'.

How would you feel about Rick Grimes no longer being part of The Walking Dead? Taking things a step further, one fan argued: "If Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead after next season, then next season needs to be the last season of The Walking Dead". Former showrunner Scott Gimple recently stepped down at the end of season eight and will be succeeded by veteran TWD writer Angela Kang. "AMC is expected to announce officially Lincoln's exit from the zombie drama ahead of his final episodes". Is it time for these talented actors to spread their wings and move on from The Walking Dead or do you want to see Rick and Maggie stick it out to the bitter end?