OnePlus 6 release date, specs and features: OnePlus 6 officially revealed

OnePlus 6 release date, specs and features: OnePlus 6 officially revealed

OnePlus has officially taken the wraps off of its latest device, the OnePlus 6, at a major event at the Copper Box Arena in London's Olympic Park. With a big 6.28-inch display, dual cameras, and a premium design, this is a phone worth considering. One Plus had previously launched OnePlus 5T after OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T following OnePlus 3 a year ago.

However, where the OnePlus 6 is lagging behind its smartphone photography rivals is in its secondary camera. But it's also a lot more affordable than the OnePlus 6 will be.

If you're considering this phone, and you should, here's what to know. The company had already begun pre-orders for the device with today being the last day. Suggesting that the OnePlus 6 only offers the processing power that's necessary, and no more, well, that's underselling it somewhat. That's in just one week. But it's finally official, so you won't have to wonder any more. The Midnight Black version of the OnePlus 6 will come with 128GB of storage for $579 or 256GB for $629. Here's our first impression of the device. Alternatively you can also follow OnePlus' Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates. The company is set to unveil it as part of a global launch event in London, which will be livestreamed around the world. Here, the company says it believes Dash Charge remains the best charging solution for its fans.

As expected, this is a high-end phone with the latest bells and whistles. That includes good design, impressive build quality, clean Android software with no bloatware, and specs rivaling and sometimes better than the Samsung Galaxy S9. The glass rear has smoothly rounded corners with a curved back that makes it ergonomic yet slippery to hold.

As per the report from GSMArena, OnePlus 6 will support hard cover accessories in Sandstone Black, Ebony Wood, Nylon Black, Karbon, Protective Red and Black Flip Cover.

As always, OnePlus delivers a bright, highly color-saturated screen at the cost of resolution. There are few other phones that pack in so much tech for the price, so in that regard, the 5T has aged well and will continue to do so. Here's the full rundown for those interested.

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Our favourite OnePlus hue so far has to be the limited edition 5T in red. Long story short, this phone is ridiculously fast. To provide users with as much screen real estate as possible, OnePlus designed the navigation bar so that it can be replaced with gesture control, freeing up even more viewing space for a cleaner look.

You get plenty of storage for apps, music, movies and the like as well.

That's thanks to the shrinking bezels around the entire display. The notch became a trend after Apple used it in the iPhone X, but Apple wasn't the first company to use this design style. There's a metal frame that goes around the glass body.

It's only a matter of time now that we witness the live launch! Most likely though, it'll work everywhere but Verizon and Sprint.

But only the OnePlus 6 has the ability to download and install the Android P beta well ahead of the official launch.