Officer Shoots Student Who Opened Fire at Illinois High School

Officer Shoots Student Who Opened Fire at Illinois High School

The father of a Dixon High School student was shaken after finding out that a gunman was shot Wednesday morning at Dixon High School.

The suspected gunman reportedly arrived at the local high school at approximately 8:00am, engaged the officer who returned fire, and was subsequently taken into custody. When he got there, he fired shots at the resource officer on duty, hitting him.

He was injured, but his wounds are not believed to be life-threatening, according to KCRG.

Lee County Sheriff John Simonton praised the officer for his efforts, and said training by law enforcement with the school kept this situation from turning deadly.

The Dixon police chief credited Dallas with saving "countless lives".

'Today, we should all be very thankful to school resource officer Mark Dallas for his bravery and quick action to immediately diffuse a unsafe situation at Dixon High School, ' he said. "We are forever indebted to his bravery".

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Multiple sources identified the alleged shooter as Matt Milby, who was a senior at Dixon High until he was expelled recently.

UPDATE 9:14 a.m.: On the Dixon High School's website they have a banner at the top of the page alerting parents they can pick up their children. The name of the officer is also not being released.

Dixon Police said they believed there was only one suspect and that there was no further threat.

The teenager was taken into custody near the school and is now under medical supervision. He says relationships built between law enforcement, emergency responders and the district were live-saving Wednesday.

A map highlighting the city of Dixon, which is in Northern Illinois.