Net Neutrality CRA Vote

Net Neutrality CRA Vote

But the resolution also requires passage by the Republican-controlled House and president Donald Trump's signature to be enacted - an unlikely outcome before the Federal Communications Commission's repeal of net neutrality rules goes into effect next month.

Use of the CRA used to be rare, according to The Hill, but Republicans recently made liberal use of what was once considered a relatively rare measure, using the CRA to overturn 14 regulations approved in the final weeks of the Obama presidency during the early days of the Trump administration, as Vox documented.

If the vote fails and Net Neutrality is stripped away, internet service providers will have free rein to impose fast lanes, as well as the blocking and slowing of websites so long as the user is given notice. Senate Democrats filed a "discharge petition" as part of the CRA effort, which forced a full Senate vote on it-which will take place on Wednesday.

"By passing my CRA resolution to put net neutrality back on the books, we can send a clear message to American families that we support them, not the special interest agenda of President Trump and his broadband baron allies", Markey said in a statement. "Our communities need expanded internet speeds, not the greater restrictions and additional payments that could happen as a result of repealing net neutrality".

Senate Democrat Ed Markey of MA and colleagues are forcing a floor vote to "save" something called "net neutrality".

However, net-neutrality supporters are also seeking to overturn the FCC's action in federal courts.

Currently, the effort to retain Net Neutrality has the backing of 50 U.S. senators, including that of Republican Susan Collins.

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"We will take a stand to protect our online economy, or we will say goodbye to the internet as we know it", said Sen.

Senator Hassan speaks with Stonyfield employees about the negative impact that repealing net neutrality would have on rural businesses.

Markey, who stressed that net neutrality will play a major role in the 2018 midterm elections, urged House lawmakers to join the Senate in supporting efforts to block the new FCC rules from taking effect next month.

Thune has been pushing for bipartisan legislation, a draft of which he proposed in 2015, that would give the FCC limited authority to enforce net neutrality protections.

"Well, some on the other side of the aisle reached the cynical conclusion that exploiting concern about the internet outweighed the value of working with Republicans to pass net neutrality protections". Shortly before the FCC's vote last December, polling by the University of Maryland showed that 83 percent of voters opposed the FCC's plan to repeal net neutrality.

A House companion to the Senate measure, by Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., has 161 co-sponsors, all Democrats. But the group needs one more vote to stop the Senate Republicans from giving corporate telecommunication companies power over the internet in which they would control traffic in order to charge different rates for different access and services.