Israel bombs Iranian targets in Syria as retaliation against rocket attacks

Israel bombs Iranian targets in Syria as retaliation against rocket attacks

Israel said Iran's Al Quds force fired 20 rockets at Israeli front-line military positions in the Golan Heights, a disputed territory that was part of Syria until 1967.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, Israel fired some 60 missiles Thursday using 28 F-15 and F-16 aircraft and launched about 10 surface-to-air missiles to bomb armed Iranian detachments in Syria and Syrian air defence positions.

"In our contacts with the Iranian leadership and the leadership of Israel, including yesterday's meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we emphasized the need for avoiding any mutually provoking moves", Lavrov said.

Syrian Army air defences shot down score of Israeli missiles targeted at the Syrian border.

Russia, generally friendly to Israel but fighting in Syria's civil war on the same side as Iran, called on both to show restraint and resolve differences through diplomatic means. Israeli cities would be hit, as might strategic targets in Iran.

"The point will come with these actions where the Iranians will say, 'We have to push back forcefully, we have to establish deterrence against the Israelis if we want to stay in Syria, '" said Wimmen.

A senior pro-regime military source in Syria confirmed the salvo of rockets, insisting Israel had fired first.

Israel will not permit Syria to be turned into an Iranian forward base and a manufacturing center for precision-guided missiles.

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"All this has made the head of the Quds Brigade in the IRGC Qassem Soleimani a ruler in Syria", the Syrian opposition official said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group, said Israel's strikes killed at least 23 people, including five Syrian soldiers. Israel rarely admits to specific strikes, but owns that it has struck Iranians in Syria more than 100 times since 2012.

On Tuesday Syrian state media had accused Israel of launching missiles at a target near Damascus, shortly after Trump's announcement.

Rouhani did not mention Israel's strikes early on Thursday in Syria, or those against the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, also on Thursday. The Israeli intelligence coup demonstrates as few things could that the depth of the Iranian regime's extraordinarily complex nuclear deception requires that Iran's entire nuclear infrastructure be dismantled if worldwide security is to be obtained.

It is clear that the Iranian Regime must be stopped in Syria, in order to defend the Middle East as a whole.

Israel had intercepted four of the rockets, while the rest fell inside the country but failed to hit any of the targets. Israel claimed that Iranian fighters had carried out that attack.

As such, with Israel reportedly eliminating most of Iran's military infrastructure in Syria in the airstrikes on Thursday, this could further strengthen Russia's concerns as it eliminates a potential future competitor in Syria.

Most European diplomats fear that once the Trump's administration leans on European businesses hard enough, they won't be able to plug the economic shortfall, something Rouhani needs so he can sell the Iran deal without America at home.