Polls close in 4 states with primaries Tuesday

Polls close in 4 states with primaries Tuesday

Indiana's Democratic incumbent senator, Joe Donnelly, was sitting on more than $6.2 million heading into Tuesday's primary, more than four times as much as the victor of the GOP nomination, Mike Braun. Kucinich's nomination would virtually have ensured DeWine's election in a state more balanced politically than in or West Virginia though it backed Trump in 2016. That margin has narrowed in the new poll; 48% said they'd rather choose a candidate who opposes Trump, while 43% prefer a candidate who supports the President. Morrisey won the race with 34.8 percent of the vote, followed by Jenkins with 29 percent and Blankenship with 20 percent.

"While Patrick Morrisey was busy lobbying in the swamp and moving to West Virginia to win political office, I was serving in the WV National Guard and creating jobs in West Virginia", he said of the attorney general.

Braun's brother, Steve Braun, also ran Tuesday night, but lost his bid to Jim Baird to be the GOP nominee to take Rokita's seat in the 4th District. In a classic Trumpian maneuver, he blamed his loss on something else: this time, what he called Trump's "Don't-vote-for-Don tweet".

He said his November campaign will be about "bringing people together who care about making life better for Americans who work hard for a paycheck".

When I first read the phrase "China people", I was immediately put in mind of the "mole people" of urban legend, the tribes of homeless outcasts who were said to live in cavernous spaces beneath our cities. "I'd like you to come back as many times as you can between now and November". "You're going to have a chance to get a senator that's going to vote our program".

Mr. Thomas said Mr. Blankenship is too invested in the West Virginia GOP to sit on the sidelines in the race. But we've got more work to do. But as it turned out, I think the Blankenship surge story was kind of a concoction of the D.C. media. He told them that "I$3 f people like me can't win from red states, you'll be in the minority the rest of your life".

"The answer to that is we don't know yet", Mr. Thomas said.

What if we compare 2018 to 2016, a year when both parties had heated presidential contests?

"This was always about a mission".

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"I will never leave anyone alone on the battlefield", he added. The big race to watch is the Republican primary for Democratic Sen. "I am forever grateful".

In Senate contests, the Republican Party chose nominees to challenge three incumbent Democrats: state attorney general Patrick Morrissey will oppose Senator Joe Manchin in West Virginia; Representative Jim Renacci will oppose Senator Sherrod Brown in OH; and millionaire businessman and former longtime Democrat Mike Braun will oppose Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

Voters across four states Trump carried in 2016 are deciding primary elections Tuesday.

The left-ward movement of workers found a more genuine expression in the struggle waged by teachers and other school workers against the state government, despite the sabotage of the teachers' unions and the state Democratic Party establishment.

Morrisey has lobbied for a trade group now known as the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, which represents numerous drug distributors called before Congress on Tuesday to explain their role in the opioid crisis.

Democrats need to pick up two Senate seats and 23 House of Representative seats in November to regain majorities in Congress and blunt Trump's agenda.

In two OH congressional districts, Republicans rejected insurgents who might have made winning general elections more hard.

In the 2014 election, Republicans claimed majorities in both houses of the Legislature for the first time in eight decades, and Shelley Moore Capito became the first GOP U.S. senator elected in West Virginia in more than a half century.

Trump and his party leaders have been more united against Blankenship in recent weeks. The head of the Senate Republican campaign arm highlighted Blankenship's criminal history. And a group allied with the national GOP, known as Mountain Families PAC, has spent more than $1.2 million in attack ads against Blankenship. He was released a year ago Thursday.