Here's how you can watch the 'Solo' world premiere

Here's how you can watch the 'Solo' world premiere

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts... well, "she" actually does look pretty sweet, if the she in question is the latest "Star Wars"-themed custom show vehicle revealed just in time for this evening's world premiere of "Solo: A Star Wars Story". To celebrate the release, Alden Ehrenreich stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night to discuss all things Han Solo including getting Harrison Ford's blessing, speaking Shyriiwook and dealing with the new found fame!

It shouldn't be a surprise that Star Wars Battlefront II will feature a cross-promotional event with the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story film. The map will be available in Heroes vs Villains, Blast and Arcade game modes. A new report from The Wall Street Journal on "Solo's" behind-the-scenes troubles verifies the long-standing rumor that Lord and Miller's improvisational directing style was problematic on set. Hero Showdown is an elimination game mode that's similar to Heroes vs. Villains, but it's a 2v2 game mode that has some additional rules.

The Leia and Lando skins are based on their undercover appearances in Return of the Jedi. Fans can hone their flying skills in the cockpit with Starfighters from all eras, whether the goal is to turn Rebellion X-Wings into stardust with a TIE/LN or hop into the Millennium Falcon to fly circles around enemy starfighters. Players will be able to experience Han Solo as both the scoundrel we all know, and as the hero he turned out to be. Han Solo is one of the most memorable and iconic characters in the franchise whose origins we have yet to see fleshed out beyond knowing he is a smuggler.

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More content will arrive in June during the second leg of Han Solo Season.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC continues to get updates despite its all too fresh loot box controversy.