Indiana Voters Pick Republican Mike Braun To Take On Sen. Joe Donnelly

Indiana Voters Pick Republican Mike Braun To Take On Sen. Joe Donnelly

Mr. Trump's influence was felt in several races, most notably in West Virginia, where former imprisoned coal baron Don Blankenship's insurgent bid fell flat after Mr. Trump warned voters against supporting him.

The brother of Vice President Mike Pence capitalized on his famous name and backing from other top Republicans to win an IN congressional primary against an entrepreneur who mostly self-funded his campaign.

How those Trump-like candidates fare in coming primaries and November's elections will indicate whether "Trumpism" remains a dominant force in the Republican Party heading into the 2020 presidential election.

Blankenship served a year in prison on a misdemeanor conviction for conspiring to violate mine safety laws, in connection with the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion in West Virginia in 2010 that killed 29 workers. Ted Cruz, and Rep. Evan Jenkins, who's got the backing of the GOP establishment.

Blankenship accuses McConnell of undermining Trump and has run TV ads highlighting McConnell's wife's Taiwanese heritage, drawing widespread condemnation. For a full year, the two congressmen have been at each others' throats.

Mr. Trump stayed out of the fierce battle in IN, as the candidates ran for the chance to take on Sen.

Mike Braun, a former state representative who spent millions of his own money on the race, led the field with 41 percent of the vote when CNN and NBC called the race shortly after 8 p.m. EST. But his opponents have pushed back that Braun was a registered Democrat as of 2012.

Rokita and Messer, who had already been fiercely attacking each other, turned their guns on Braun, questioning his business record and criticizing his decades of voting in Democratic primaries before entering politics himself.

Mike Braun will also take this race directly to Democrat Joe Donnelly.

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Braun promised to continue his campaign against Sen. But Kucinich, a gadfly politician who ran unsuccessfully for the White House in 2008, has pointed to his support for single-payer health care, which has earned him some influential union support and the backing of Our Revolution, the progressive group allied with Vermont Sen.

But the highest-profile races there were about replacing outgoing Gov. John Kasich.

Also running in the GOP primary were Stephen MacKenzie, Mike Campbell and Jeff Smith.

Braun supports building a wall on the U.S.'s southern border. Sherrod Brown (D) in the general election.

On Monday, President Trump appealed to the state's primary voters to oppose Blankenship, arguing he "can't win" in the general election.

State Sen. Troy Balderson has Tiberi's blessing and is the establishment favorite in what's become a toss-up contest in the suburban Columbus seat.

If Leneghan is the nominee, the August special election could be even more in play, Tiberi himself warned last month, pointing to Democrats' March upset in Pennsylvania's 18th District.

"The nation's nastiest and most expensive primary has come to an end, and Rep. Braun has barely survived". Democrat Dan McCready has shown fundraising prowess and could prove a threat to flip the seat in November.

Democrats in two in congressional districts say the GOP incumbents - three-term Rep. Jackie Walorski in the 2nd District and Tennessee native and one-term Rep. Trey Hollingsworth in the 9th District - have been absent from the districts and are clueless about what their constituents need.