Wisconsin man celebrates eating his 30000th Big Mac

Wisconsin man celebrates eating his 30000th Big Mac

But to understand just how devoted a fan Gorske is, I think we need to break out the calculator.

Also, given that each Big Mac has two 1.6-ounce beef patties, it means Gorske has eaten more than 6,000 pounds of beef, which might work out to about 10 cows.

The most Big Macs consumed was achieved by Donald Gorske (USA), who ate his 28,788th Big Mac in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, on 24 August 2016. He said that the first time he missed eating a Big Mac was in 1982. Before her death, she asked Gorske to skip eating a Big Mac on the day she died, in remembrance of her.

That day happened to be Thanksgiving and the restaurant was closed.

Don Gorske has eaten a Big Mac almost every day since May 1972. On the day that McDonald's founder Ray Kroc died in 1984, Don ate Big Mac number 5,978.

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He says his cholesterol and blood pressure are normal.

Not only that, but in 2006 he finished the San Diego marathon while holding his 21,387th Big Mac, proving once and for all that he is indestructible.

Gorske has appeared on the "Rachael Ray Show", "Jimmy Kimmel", "Lopez Tonight", "I've Got a Secret", "Oprah" and "Inside Edition".

Don Gorske has already eaten 30,000 Big Macs since the early 1970s, when he first tried McDonald's signature burger.