$199 Oculus Go VR headset goes on sale today

$199 Oculus Go VR headset goes on sale today

In an age when leaks spoil every surprise, Facebook came very close to surprising everyone with the launch of its highly anticipated Oculus Go stand-alone VR headset.

The company opened F8 with CEO Mark Zuckerberg debuting the Oculus Go onstage in San Jose, California.

But just hours before the big reveal, the brand new Oculus Go appeared on Amazon's website.

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Amazon actually put up the listing a bit ahead of schedule, offering pre-orders well ahead of the official announcement, all of which promptly sold out - then Amazon removed the pre-order button entirely having realized its mistake. On the outside, it resembles some of the VR headsets on the market that rely on a connecting smartphone for their brains and/or screens, such as Google's Daydream View.

Battery Life: 1.5-2 hours for gaming, or 2-2.5 for video-watching. One thing that is likely to be announced is a release date for the standalone VR headset-Amazon had it pegged for December 31, though that could have been just a placeholder. A user on Reddit posted an image showing several retail boxed Oculus Go headsets behind a locked case at Best Buy location in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The device doesn't have the ability to track the wearer if they start walking around or even sit or stand up (what's referred to as "inside-out tracking"), meaning they'll have to remain seated to play games or watch content, unlike with the Oculus Rift. However, cost has been one of the biggest barriers to VR adoption, and the Oculus Go certainly addresses that aspect. Starting at $199 Dollars for 32 GB of storage (or $249 USD for the 64 GB model), Oculus Go was designed with comfort in mind. The company also produces the cheaper Oculus Gear VR, which only works with select Samsung phones. At least, until he gets nauseous.