Amazon to provide delivery of package in your vehicle

Amazon to provide delivery of package in your vehicle

"We've been delighted with the customer response to free two-hour delivery through Prime Now and we're excited to bring the service to our customers in Denver, Sacramento and San Diego", said Christina Minardi, Whole Foods Market Executive Vice President of Operations. Additional eligible delivery addresses can be added to the Amazon address book at any time.

Amazon Key In-Car allows members of Amazon's Prime subscription service with compatible vehicles receive in-car delivery for no extra cost. Delivery is available on tens of millions of items sold via Amazon and works with Same Day, Two-Day, and Standard Shipping.

For now the service only works with most Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Volvo cars with an active connected auto service plan such as OnStar or Volvo On Call, although more vehicle marques will be added in the future.

If for any reason the vehicle doesn't lock, within a certain amount of time Amazon is alerted and it will lock the auto remotely, he said. The difference is this service will not use cloud-connected cameras or smart keys to help Amazon couriers gain access to the cars. Amazon's In-Car Delivery service is also only supported in 37 states, but it has been quietly tested over the last six months in Washington and California.

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From the company that brought you the option of letting a courier inside your home comes a new service: package delivery inside your vehicle. Those using the feature will receive a notification when their package is en route.

This new service is yet another delivery option for those who don't want delivery people to leave their packages outside of their homes or enter their homes to leave the package at the front door.

The new service is available for all Prime members in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the USA, and is available on millions of items sold on Amazon.

"It's been great because I am on the go, I've been at work and needed to have some packages delivered, so they can deliver straight to my auto", Jenny Williams, an Amazon customer who tried the service, said. It's an extension of Amazon Key, a program introduced a year ago that lets the company's couriers place packages inside participating users' homes when they're away to reduce the risk of theft. And like with in-home delivery, shoppers may be concerned about letting a stranger into their vehicle. For added peace of mind, in-car delivery is backed by Amazon's Happiness Guarantee. When an Amazon delivery driver is en-route, the vehicle will broadcast its precise Global Positioning System location to the driver. Now, it's remotely controlled, app-connected locks on houses and cars to let couriers inside.