BREAKING Allegiant's high number of mechanical issues featured on 60 Minutes

BREAKING Allegiant's high number of mechanical issues featured on 60 Minutes

Last night, CBS 60 Minutes aired a report that found more than 100 serious incidents involving mechanical issues on Allegiant Air flights occurred from January 1, 2016, to the end of October 2017.

On Monday, it was business as usual for Allegiant Air, as it's morning flight from Las Vegas unloaded passengers at Springfield-Branson National Airport.

"It was a little bit disturbing to watch that", Ed Riney, airport board chairman, said of the "60 Minutes" report.

In addition, Gust alleges that the 60 Minutes report was "instigated" by an ex-employee that is trying to extract money from Allegiant. An internal memo to employees, confirmed by Allegiant, said that the company is "prepared to fight back against '60 Minutes.'" Allegiant is also responding to Twitter posts by asking for private messages to "share our concerns about the story".

After Sunday's episode of "60 Minutes", which explored the safety record Allegiant Air, local flyers shared their experiences with the low-priced airline.

"I do prefer to fly out of Rockford, but also I like to stay safe", said Allegiant flyer Debbie Rosales.

During his interview with "60 Minutes", Wells said Allegiant pilots have been discouraged from reporting safety issues and concerns. As of February 2, it operated 37 McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 planes and 53 Airbus A319 and A320 jets.

The low-priced airline's safety record is improving.

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Jay Ratliff says that about two to three years ago, Allegiant made headlines for operational maintenance issues, but since then, the company has worked with the FAA to improve.

"Allegiant complies with all FAA requirements and participates in numerous voluntary safety programmes to ensure we operate to the highest standards". This is following an 8.6 percent stock drop on Friday ahead of the "60 Minutes" segment, as news about the upcoming segment circulated.

In fact, Lowe, a certified travel counselor, helped a client book a flight Monday on Allegiant to Florida next fall.

Airlines are frequently the subject of bad publicity, often around poor customer service.

Allegiant Airlines denies that it is less safe than other airlines, and says safety is its top priority (Read full statement below). He says he has flown many times on Allegiant.

"We had one just 12 months ago on United Airlines for $435,000 for operating air crafts that were considered not air worthy".

It says Allegiant had more than 40 in-flight emergencies or unscheduled landings in 2016, and is nearly four times more likely to experience a mid-flight breakdown than Delta, United or American airlines. None of those incidents led to enforcement action from the FAA.

US Representative Charlie Crist, a Florida Democrat, wrote separately to the Transportation Department, demanding the agency "take action to improve passenger safety", as well as to hold Allegiant accountable for past safety failures.