Researcher alleges Modi's official smartphone app shipping data overseas

Researcher alleges Modi's official smartphone app shipping data overseas

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official mobile application is at the centre of a controversy for allegedly sharing personal user data without consent. Each function asks for the specific permission when access is required.

A report by Hindustan Times said that the target was set on Friday in a dinner meeting that Modi and party president Amit Shah had with BJP MPs at the new party headquarters in Delhi.

Congress social media in-charge Divya Spandana Ramya said the URL pointed out has been dysfunctional for a while and membership is through the INC website. "When you sign up for my official App, I give all your data to my friends in American companies".

Mr. Alderson also tweeted that the Narendra Modi app had changed its privacy policy without notifying its users.

The recent allegations for receiving personal data from the official mobile app of Prime Minister Narendra Modi without obtaining proper consent of app users has been denied by the US-based analytics company and clarified that they do not sell, rent or re-market any kind of data.

"Hi! My name is Rahul Gandhi. From Maoists, stone pelters, Bharat Ke Tukde Gang, Chinese embassy to globally "renowned" orgs like Cambridge Analytica, the field is extensive and wide open", he said in the tweet. New seaports are being constructed on a number of seaways of India and infrastructure is being strengthened at old ports.

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"Full marks to Congress for stating upfront that they'll give your data to **practically anyone** - undisclosed vendors, unknown volunteers, even "groups with similar causes".

The BJP has, however, called Gandhi's claims misplaced and accused the Congress of data theft. But the recent scandal over Cambridge Analytica's allegedly unauthorized harvesting of Facebook data and a series of leaks linked to India's biometric database has refocused the public's attention on digital privacy.

About the sharing information and private policy, the Namo App said "certain information may be processed by third party services to: Offer you the most contextual content". A furore erupted on March 25 after Rahul accused Prime Minister Modi of leaking details of users to US firms through the NaMo app. "Hi!"

Alderson alleged that whenever a user created a profile on Modi's Android app, it shared their personal data without their consent. My name is Narendra Modi.

"In the mid-40s, the world was talking about World War II, the Cold War and divisions, but one man, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was talking about unity, Team India and cooperative federalism", said PM Modi.