Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch heading to Singapore for Avengers: Infinity War

Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch heading to Singapore for Avengers: Infinity War

In fact, the hype for Avengers: Infinity War is reaching such a fever pitch that Marvel fans all over the world are not only clamouring for pre-sale tickets to the cinema, they're creating their own trailers for the film.

"Black Panther" is number-one at the box office for the fifth week in a row.

"I think you'll find that obviously there'll be some correlation to his character from "Ragnarok, ' and my brother and I spent years doing comedy with 'Arrested Development" and 'Community, ' that's not always necessarily appropriate for the tone of this movie".

In a classic case of "we will not let you have your moment of glory", social media users started tweeting about their all-time-favourite crossovers. So, with all these flawed, fucked up people, and [Peter] Quill who's a mess, and Tony [Stark] who's a massive ego all contorted.

The last time Marvel comic book heroes visited Singapore was in 2016, when actors Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan made a stop here to promote Captain America: Civil War.

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It's worth noting, that by the time Larson began production on her solo movie, which is now filming, she will have already shot her scenes for Avengers 4. The screenplay is by the writing team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. "It certainly was an issue".

Peyton Reed and his group of writers are going to make whatever movie they want.

"How do you not fall into the trap of what these movies are sometimes accused of which is just sometimes feeding each other and not being standalone things?"

He will be here for a red carpet publicity event at Marina Bay Sands for Avengers: Infinity War, which will be released in Singapore on April 25. And boy, did the internet prove Marvel fans wrong. Avengers 4 will follow on May 3, 2019.

Speaking of Wakanda: the most recent Infinity War trailer shows the introductions of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron-Man (don't expect him and Star-Lord to get along) with Spider-Man, as well as Captain America with Black Widow and Black Panther.