Fortnite Mobile Has Already Earned $1 Million in Just Three Days

Fortnite Mobile Has Already Earned $1 Million in Just Three Days

Fortnite players have already spent a lot of money on the Android version of the game.

The game developers recently made the game against in Apple's App Store and its shot right to the top.

While the introduction of Blitz into Fortnite Battle Royale will likely be welcomed with open arms by most, if not all fans of the free-to-play game, many will still be sad to see the previously available Teams of 20 mode be cycled out. Now, the Epic Games installment can notch another tally mark in their "win" column. The game has also topped the iPhone download charts in over 40 countries, hitting that mark in 13 countries within the first 12 hours of release. Currently, Fortnite mobile is only available for iOS devices AND by invitation only.

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According to data released by Sensor Tower, the Battle Royale game has now amassed over $1.5 million worldwide.

The firm also reports that based on only cosmetic purchases alone, Fortnite as managed to bring nearly a third of the revenue that Pokémon GO achieved in its first four days of availability.

Email invites will start rolling out "soon thereafter" but no official date has been shared just yet. Depending on the game, you can pretty much expect to pay more for extra levels, maps, content, tokens/gems/coins to progress, or even just cosmetic changes. Because of the item fullness, you will be more than ready to fight, and the materials you get are only multiplied by 2, which means you get double the materials. The reviews also claim that Blitz mode [VIDEO]'s speed suits the mobile version and Epic should further consider making this a permanent addition to their collection.