Dog accidentally flown to Japan reunited with family

Dog accidentally flown to Japan reunited with family

"We chose the fastest option to reunite the dog with his family", said United spokesman Jonathan Guerin. The pet was delivered safely to its owners and all passengers on the flight were compensated, United said. This was a four-hour journey, with roughly an hour and a half spent on the ground in Akron after diverting near Columbus, he said. On Monday, a French bulldog puppy named Kokito suffocated to death in an overhead bin, after a flight attendant insisted the owner stow the dog there for a three-hour flight from Houston to NY.

This is United's second animal-related incident in less than a week.

CNN reported that at least 33 passengers were on the flight.

United Airlines is once again facing criticism for its treatment of animals - this time for sending a beloved family pet to the wrong country.

United Airlines have an extremely poor record with animal welfare.

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A United Airlines flight was re-routed after the USA airline discovered it had mistakenly brought a dog onboard.

A flight attendant who fatally placed a dog in an overhead luggage bin did not hear a passenger's warning that there was an animal in the container, United Airlines said on Wednesday in a second round of apologizing for the incident.

The German Shepherd, named Irgo, arrived at a Wichita airport Thursday night after a flight on a private plane from Japan. The mix-up occurred during connecting flights in Denver.

Swindle says Irgo appears to be in good health.

Data from the US Department of Transportation shows that three times as many animals died on United flights previous year than on all the other US carriers put together.