Another dog sent to wrong destination by United Airlines

Another dog sent to wrong destination by United Airlines

On Friday, the airline announced that Flight 3996 was diverted to Akron after officials discovered the animal was on the flight bound for St. Louis, airline spokeswoman Maggie Schmerin said.

Or the one where a German shepherd was sent to Japan instead of Kansas.

United said in a statement that the dogs were somehow put on the wrong flights during a connecting flight in Denver.

Passengers were offered compensation due to the diversion, however the airline declined to provide any further details.

While the flight should have averaged two hours, following the pup's itinerary turned into a four-hour marathon for passengers, who spent roughly an hour and a half on the ground in Akron, a spokesperson for flight-data company Flightradar24 told the Washington Post.

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The incident was United's third dog-related mishap in one week; fortunately, this time, it led to a happier conclusion than the first.

United Airlines can't seem to get a doggone thing right. The airline came under intense scrutiny after a French bulldog puppy was forced into an overhead bin on a Houston-to-New York flight on Monday and died on the plane. The bill is called Welfare of Our Furry Friends Act, or WOOFF.

On Tuesday, a 10-year-old German Shepard named Irgo was flown to Japan instead of its intended destination in Kansas City, Missouri, the airline said.

And the Harris County District Attorney's Office, in Texas, told a local news outlet that its animal-cruelty task force would conduct an investigation into the death.