Handling Climate Change Requires Joint Effort, Says Macron

Handling Climate Change Requires Joint Effort, Says Macron

From Japan to Peru, be it Greece or Rome, Egypt, Incas and the ancient Mayan culture, every civilisation has glorified and given importance to the sun. It aims to raise one trillion dollars in funding by 2030.

It is in this response precisely that the ISA has been conceived as a coalition of solar resource rich countries to address their special energy needs while providing a platform to collaborate on addressing the identified gaps through a common, agreed approach.

The US and China are also keen to join International Solar Alliance (ISA) which is aimed at promoting solar energy across the countries falling in the tropic of cancer and capricorn, a senior official said.

The oblique reference was to US President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, which was signed by almost 200 countries in December 2015 in an effort to curb global greenhouse gas emission and limit global warming to within 2 degrees Celsius. Turning to Modi, Macron said, "Mr. It's coming straight from the Prime Minister, and the energy minister and the coal minister are very much onboard", he said. "In this regard, we deeply appreciate the leaderships of India and France for establishing the International Solar Alliance". "They made a decision to act and keep acting", he said. Referring to the Solar Mamas, a group of women solar engineers from developing countries particularly African countries who have been trained at the Barefoot College in Tilonia, Macron said, "our solar mamas didn't wait for us". They started to act and to deliver concrete results. Because they decided it is good for them, their children, grandchildren - they chose to act and keep acting. "It is my fervent hope that the ISA will serve as a laudable vehicle towards this goal".

Macron applauded India's efforts in expanding renewable energy capacity within two years, from 39GW to 63GW, with solar energy growing up by 140%.

"In India, we live by the credo of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - a Sanskrit shloka, which means "the world is one family". May you bless us...", she said, with folded hands.

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President of Rawanda, also stressed on the need of public-private partnership in the endeavours to promote solar energy. "With this we will generate 175 gw of energy by 2022 out of which 100 gw will be by Solar Power", PM Modi said. The mechanism was developed by a taskforce comprising the Council on Energy, Environment and Water, Terrawatt Initiaitve and The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX).

So many heads of state were present at the meeting that a traffic issue was sent to the already bustling Indian capital on Friday morning, warning that jams were expected throughout the weekend as world leaders arrived, with solar as the key talking point.

On the occasion, Singh said that ISA has the potential to have a huge impact on the future of the planet, adding that he is happy that renewable energy has become viable.

ADB will provide US$3 billion per year by 2020 for clean energy, including solar energy projects in its developing member countries.

On Sunday, both India and France took additional steps to further their ambitions of mitigating the effects of global warming at the Founding Conference of the International Solar Alliance, reported The Hindu.