Walmart is bringing meal kits to thousands of stores

Walmart is bringing meal kits to thousands of stores

Responding to Amazon's launch of Whole Foods grocery delivery through Amazon Prime Now, the largest USA reatiler Walmart has announced its plans to provide ready to eat meal kits priced between $8 nd $15 at, starting with 250 ourlets today. They'll be available in over 2,000 stores by the end of 2018, and you'll have the option of grabbing them through the company's Online Grocery Pickup service.

The four pre-portioned meals are steak Dijon, basil garlic chicken, pork Florentine and sweet chili chicken stir fry. The meals will also be available via Walmart's Online Grocery Pickup where customers can place thir order online at lunch and pick it up as soon as dinner time.

Pre-portioned meal kits include prepped ingredients that consumers can cook at home.

The one-step heat-and-eat meal kits come in 10 varieties: chicken alfredo, cheesy ravioli bake, meatloaf, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken Parmesan, pulled beef, chicken marsala, curry chicken, pot roast and chicken enchiladas. Thai curry chicken and chicken fried rice can be made with the rotisserie chicken.

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The chain's meal kits serve two people and retail from $8 to $15.

Ken Shea, Bloomberg Intelligence's senior food and beverage analyst, said a growing number of US food manufacturers and food retailers are pursuing the at-home food preparation market as well.

The latest move from Walmart supposedly owes its ideas to Hellofresh and Blue Apron, who have no brick and mortar stores, and yet have managed to tap into the meal kit market. Kroger has been offering its own brand of meal kits in some stores as well. The retailer has also lost 15% of its share last year, compared to the year before that.

"It's no big secret that they are offered in other retailers, and we have looked at them previously, but we were not thrilled with quality levels", he said.