Teen Breaks Retainer Thirsting After Shirtless Michael B. Jordan; Actor Responds

Teen Breaks Retainer Thirsting After Shirtless Michael B. Jordan; Actor Responds

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Robb said after initially being embarrassed, she had a good laugh with her orthodontist and his staff.

Naturally, the post went viral and eventually made its way back to the patient, Sophia Robb, who then tweeted the story out of embarrassment. Wait, that's what Dateline is all about, I wonder what her dad would say about this. Yeah, it's 2018. Everyone's orthodontist is on Tumblr these days.

"Since I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers let me know if I can replace them", Jordan posted to Twitter. "I'm going to kill myself".

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Understandably, Robb was anxious about reporting this story to her orthodontist.

She thought that would be the end of it until she noticed a story about her - though without her name mentioned - circulating on Twitter.

Seems Sophia is living her best retainer-broken life. She admitted that the idea of the Fahrenheit 451 actor seeing her post is already insane. The orthodontist even had to defend himself since some claimed he violated his patient's confidentiality, although he didn't reveal anything about her, except her age, which in fact was the wrong age, and it was Sophia herself who confirmed her own identity on Twitter, and not the orthodontist. But I mean, who can blame her right?

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