Apple aims to enter the high-end headphones market

Apple aims to enter the high-end headphones market

Apple's AirPods were just the start, it seems, the firm is moving towards something else. But the category has seen a 36 percent boost in revenue in the company's latest quarter, and Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the AirPods' success as "quite the cultural phenomenon" during his meeting with shareholders at Apple Park last month. This is normal Apple behavior, so it's not really surprising to hear they'll be expensive.

Apple is planning to extend its audio-focused product lineup this year with the introduction of new over-the-head headphones, reveals a report by Bloomberg.

Apple is developing noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones that would compete even with ones from its own Beats subsidiary, Bloomberg reported Monday.

People close to this knowledge have stated that Apple is reportedly going to be launching the pair of premium headphones this year, but there are lots of development challenges the company is going to be facing.

Apple to Take on Bose and Sony's Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones This Year [Report]
Apple is reportedly working on headphones to rival its own Beats

A report previous year calculated that Apple has already locked up over 40% of the wireless-headphone market.

It's believed that the new headphones will be priced towards the upper end of the market. On the contrary, the headphones are expected to follow the footsteps of AirPod and will feature a similar set of features as well. Those headphones already take advantage of Apple's W1 chip.

They'll be wireless headphones, much like the AirPods, and they'll integrate with Apple Music and Siri. AirPods have been tricky to assemble and use unusual design tricks, likely making them expensive to produce.

Similar headphones from Beats and others can cost anywhere from $200 to $500.

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