Drunk Man Takes $1600 Uber Trip From West Virginia To New Jersey

Drunk Man Takes $1600 Uber Trip From West Virginia To New Jersey

The problem was, the address used by Uber was for his real home - where his parents live - 300 miles away in New Jersey.

According to ABC 7, Kenny Bachman was out drinking with friends on Friday in Gloucester County and ordered a Uber to take him back to his friends house.

Bachman said he realized the mix-up about two hours into the trip when he woke up but at that point, his options were limited so he made a decision to stick it out.

The cost of the trip was compounded because Bachman ordered an UberXL, which is more expensive than a smaller auto, and because surge pricing was in effect. Couldn't he just get out of the auto once he realized what was happening?

Added our collective hero, 'I was just like, 'That's insane.

The Uber driver didn't have any money for the tolls on the way to Bachman's New Jersey home.

According to, surge pricing was in effect, nearly doubling the fare.

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The price of the trip came to a whopping $1,635.93. The driver was fined at every toll.

When Bachman returned to New Jersey, he gave his Uber driver money for tolls, reports, and a five-star rating through the app.

"I just woke up", Bachman, who admitted he had blacked out, said. Bachman says the driver had his phone, even having answered a FaceTime call from a friend while he was asleep.

The Uber charge included a $3.94 base fare, a $2.35 booking fee, $696.95 for distance and $115.90 for time.

Uber connected with Bachman, who agreed to pay the fare after the company confirmed the driver took him to the destination he requested.

Bachman said that by the time he realized what was happening, he was already a couple of hours into the five-hour trip. "He was on my phone, without me allowing it".