Apple said to plan largest iPhone that can take two SIM cards

Apple said to plan largest iPhone that can take two SIM cards

Yes, it appears that Apple's 2018 iPhone plans include the biggest (literally) iPhone ever.

In order to compete with more budget-friendly smartphones on the market, Apple will reportedly also introduce a cheaper iPhone later this year.

The iPhone X will be the primary device from 2018 but rumors claim a total of three different devices are heading to stores. It's said that this cheaper iPhone will not include a fingerprint scanner, and instead rely on the Apple FaceID instead.

In some regions, Apple may offer a dual-SIM card option for the larger iPhone. Like the iPhone X, it'll use OLED screen technology and offer Face ID.

In a new report, Bloomberg suggests Apple will trim down the handset's overall size by retaining the border-less design of its £999 flagship.

The largest model would include an OLED display of almost 6.5-inches and have a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688, code named D33. While the company is strategically focussing to release an update to current iPhone X model, reports echoes that both the iPhone models will house the company's next-generation in-house A12 processors.

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Apple is to launch a huge new iPhone with a 6.5-inch screen later this year - bigger than any previous iPhone handset.

In another interesting piece of information, it is revealed that Apple could again propose a golden color on some models. A dual-SIM system would thus cut short this waiting and make customers in Asian countries like India happy.

Like certain iPads, Apple is also apparently considering a two-SIM option for the Plus "in at least some regions", nearly certainly utilizing an embedded chip called an eSIM alongside a removable nano-SIM as a compromise to placate eSIM-resistant cellular carriers. But he doesn't think it will have a measurable impact on demand because many consumers will want the bigger model.

The biggest iPhone yet is to have a screen "close to 6.5 inches", while design-wise it will act like a Plus version of the successor to the current iPhone X, keeping the overall shape, the notch, and the stainless steel frame and glass back.

The so-called "largest iPhone ever" is said to be a 6.5-inch "iPhone X Plus", with the same physical footprint size as iPhone 8 Plus.

The physical phone itself is said to be approximately the size of the iPhone 8 Plus.