Weather: How cold will next week get?

Weather: How cold will next week get?

The forecaster has warned that such a so-called Sudden Stratospheric Warning' (SSW) event in January 2013 led to a very cold month of March that year with some significant snowfall.

More specific forecasts, with colour-coded snow and ice warnings, are expected to be issued by Met Eireann in the coming days. There is a risk of some snow next week as the cold air picks up moisture over the North Sea.

The Met office is working with partners in road, rail and air transport to help minimize the impacts on the public.

"Disruptive snow showers are expected from Tuesday onwards, particularly in the east and southeast", it said.

The freezing winds are forecast to sweep in from Scandinavia due to the influence of a high pressure zone. Those with ski vacations may find it hard to impossible to reach their destinations due to the sheer amount of snow, with skiing made more challenging due to frigid air temperatures and strong winds.

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Sunday will be most sunny and dry with a high of around 6C. One or two light showers are also possible, mainly in the east, and perhaps wintry at times.

Today, Friday, is expected to be mostly dry with a mix of cloud and sunny spells; the best of the sunshine is likely in the north.

It will turn even colder with lowest temperatures falling to between -3° and 0° degrees with a widespread sharp to severe frost. With the easterly breeze remaining brisk throughout, there will be a notable wind chill.

By the end of this long-lasting cold snap, much of Europe will be blanketed in a deep snow cover just as spring begins to set in.

Very cold, with brisk winds and overnight frosts. Further snow showers follow Monday and Tuesday, perhaps heavy at times.