Nerds Can Have Their Szechuan Sauce — McDonald's

Nerds Can Have Their Szechuan Sauce — McDonald's

The new series is a ideal send-up of the popular investigative/true-crime format that has risen in popularity thanks to the "Serial" and "Criminal" podcasts, among others. After the promotion of the film, the sauce was removed. It's part parody, but also totally true.

Die-hard fans of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce have already had an inkling that their favorite condiment would be returning to Mickey D's for a few days now. "We tried to create the most that we could in the limited time that we had". "And instead of being one-day-only and limited to certain restaurants, we're bringing back more - a lot more - so that any fan who's willing to do whatever it takes for Szechuan sauce will only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald's".

Rick and Morty fans: settle down.

The fast food restaurant said Thursday that it will ship 20 million packets of Szechuan sauce to all of its restaurants in the U.S. It didn't last long, but apparently made an impression on the writers of this cartoon show.

The insane demands and tweets lead to an announcement from McDonald's that more sauce will be on the way in the winter, and that day is almost upon us.

The return of Szechuan sauce, which was originally created to promote Mulan almost 20 years ago, is arriving more than four months after a botched and limited promotion led to riots at McDonald's stores across the country and many angry fans.

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Could McDonald's Szechuan sauce be making a comeback? Except that the under-estimation of the demand generated situations of quasi-events (the police even sometimes get involved) and a great discontent among the fans of the series.

McDonalds' Chef Mike shared some of the hate tweets he received after the literal riots.

"When you think about it, this is kind of unbelievable", host Catherine LeClair said.

Listen to Episode 3 for the conclusion of, "The Sauce".

The "Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce" was first introduced as a limited edition Happy Meal item to support the release of Disney's Mulan in 1998. The sauce saga only got more ridiculous in August when DJ Deadmau5 purchased a half-gallon jug of it for $15,000.

At lunchtime on Monday, Feb. 26, they will start releasing the crazy-popular Szechuan Sauce on a nationwide basis instead of just a handful of restaurants in every market.