United Kingdom says Oxfam will not bid for new government funding

United Kingdom says Oxfam will not bid for new government funding

"We will continue to support Oxfam's incredible work for many more years to come", she added.

She vowed to stand by the organisation "for many more years to come" after a number of high-profile ambassadors withdrew their support amid allegations of sexual exploitation within the charity.

Evans, who headed a "safeguarding" section responsible for protecting staff and the people Oxfam works with, spoke of frustration that her calls for more support for her team were not taken seriously enough. Certainly, the scale and the intensity of the attacks feels out of proportion to the level of culpability.

He added: "Anything we say is being manipulated. even apologies only make matters worse".

The aid group said it would create an independent commission which will have the power to access records and interview staff in a bid to stamp out abuse and impose stricter controls on employees.

It has neither confirmed nor denied a recent Times of London report that some of its staff paid for sex with prostitutes.

"This review marks the beginning of change for Oxfam as an global organisation - Oxfam Ireland is 100% committed to playing our part and to working with others in government and across the sector to implement urgent reforms that enable us to do more and do better for the world's poorest".

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"This was with an honourable, mature woman, who was not an natural disaster victim nor a prostitute". She is the minister of women's affairs and she is furious.

He said: "I don't think (Oxfam) wanted to promote a sensation and damage the delivery of that programme. If your organisation is there to actually help make the world a better place, I can see why people thought this was the right thing to do".

Evans said a survey of Oxfam staff in three countries including South Sudan showed around 10 per cent of staff had been sexually assaulted and others had witnessed or experienced rape or attempted rape by colleagues.

They are also setting up a global database of accredited referees to ensure sex offenders can not re-offend at other charities, and improving the organisation's "whistleblowing mechanism".

The prostitution allegations were not passed to Haitian authorities at the time of the inquiry, but Oxfam said it had now passed on the names of the men involved.

The deputy head of Oxfam resigned on Monday over what she said was the British charity's failure to adequately respond to past allegations of sexual misconduct by some of its staff in Haiti and Chad.