Bill Haas: Withdraws from Genesis Open

Bill Haas: Withdraws from Genesis Open

PGA Tour pro Bill Haas was injured in a vehicle crash which killed the driver of the Ferrari in which the golfer was a passenger, officials and media reports said Wednesday.

Jeff Fisher of the Los Angeles Police Department said that Haas was a passenger in a Ferrari that hit a BMW in Pacific Palisades on Tuesday night.

KTLA notes that the 71-year-old Ferrari driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

A third vehicle was also involved when the Ferrari clipped a Toyota FJ SUV just before the crash.

Haas was scheduled to play this week in the Genesis Open at the nearby Riviera Country Club, located in the Los Angeles community of Pacific Palisades.

But Haas, who earlier had been reported to be stable with serious injuries, was released from the hospital early this morning, his manager, Allen Hobbs, said in a statement. Fire officials said that the two hospitalized victims were considered to be seriously injured immediately after the crash, but Detective Fischer told KTLA that he'd since been told that Haas and the woman were "doing okay".

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Wilson and Haas were in a separate vehicle when the crash happened, FOX News.

The driver of the Ferrari was killed in the accident. When the Charlotte native returns to the PGA Tour remains to be seen.

Haas' father told Golf Digest that his son escaped the accident without any broken bones.

"Mr Bill Haas was the passenger in the Ferrari".

Haas was taken to the hospital following the crash and is expected to make a full recovery.