Turkish soldier killed setting up military post in northwest Syria

Turkish soldier killed setting up military post in northwest Syria

"What is happening in eastern Ghouta is not simply a humanitarian crisis because aid is denied, these sieges involve the global crimes of indiscriminate bombardment and deliberate starvation of the civilian population", stated Mr. Pinheiro.

Strikes on several locations in the besieged area east of the capital also wounded more than 100 people, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The Observatory said 16 people were killed while the activist-run Ghouta Media Centre put the death toll at 17.

Syria's state SANA news agency reported at least three people were killed in shelling on Tuesday from rebel areas on parts of the old city of Damascus.

The United Nations in Syria on Tuesday called for a one-month ceasefire in the country to allow the delivery of desperately needed supplies and medical care to civilians caught up in fighting.

The UN has a plan to reach 700,000 people with relief in the next two months, if it can obtain permission to proceed.

At least 35 civilians were killed and dozens were injured by Syrian regime attacks in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, Syrian civil defence forces said on Tuesday.

- Idlib: Military operations in what is one of the last rebel-held stronghold have resulted in increased casualties and the movement of civilians - about 1.2 million out of 2.4 million civilians have been internally displaced.

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The Syrian army has deployed new air defenses and anti-aircraft missiles to frontlines in the Aleppo and Idlib areas, a commander in the military alliance fighting in support of President Bashar al-Assad said on February 5. Syrian government forces have been on the offensive in Idlib in recent weeks but the push intensified after militants shot down a Russian Su-25 near the town of Saraqeb over the weekend. Though Assad appears to have survived the insurgency, his forces continue to bomb and besiege opposition pockets around the country, including in Eastern Ghouta and Idlib.

Rescue workers said at least nine people had suffered breathing problems from chemicals dropped from the air.

Meanwhile, Turkish operations against Syrian Kurdish forces have compounded the suffering in northern and eastern Syria.

That deployment is separate from a Turkish military offensive that Ankara launched last month to rout USA -backed Syrian Kurdish fighters from the northern enclave of Afrin.

That deal largely collapsed in December when the Syrian army along with Iran-backed militias and heavy Russian air power launched a major offensive to take territory in Idlib province and surrounding areas.

Located in northern Syria near the Turkish border, the Idlib province was declared a "de-escalation zone".

"We implore the global community to speak with one voice, taking every opportunity to publicly pressure the Assad regime, and its supporters, to cease its use of chemical weapons", spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement Monday night.