IPhone X incoming-call display delays? Apple looks into reports of issues

IPhone X incoming-call display delays? Apple looks into reports of issues

So, one would expect the phone to answer incoming calls easily.

The users are saying that the phone rings promptly.

Apple has since confirmed the issue and told the Times that its "looking into these reports".

Customers on Apple's online support forum have said the screen on the US$999 device does not turn on when trying to unlock the device to answer a phone call. Many tried restarting their iPhone X to resolve the problem while others performed the hard reset option, but without any success.

Another user said that they restored their iPhone with iOS 11.2 to solve the problem, but that an operating system restore didn't fix the issue.

The bug deals with the iPhone X's ability to receive phone calls.

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What we are still unsure of is if the issue is a hardware one.

A number of glitches have surfaced in the iPhone X, including an unresponsive display in cold conditions and crackling sounds from the speaker at high volumes. Though Apple have issued an apology, their reputation has been tainted, with affected customers losing faith in the company.

One forum member has said that the problem goes way after rebooting the phone. However, this isn't something to rejoice, because, the free service offer has been provided just because of a flaw in iPhone 7, that prevents users From connecting to a mobile network, showing the message, no service.

Apple's most costly and best device till date, iPhone X which was sold for Rs. 1,05,720 previously, will now be sold for Rs. 1,08,930 for the 256GB variant. A recent report by Trendforce says that Apple is getting ready for another flagship this year, it will include an upgraded Face ID sensor, larger memory, and AMOLED display panels in at least two of the models coming this year.

This isn't the only problem that has faced iPhone X users.

In the last three months of 2017 the tech giant posted a record profit of $20.1 billion (£14bn) while revenues were $88.3bn (£61.9bn), up from $78.4bn (£55bn) in the same period past year.