KIM'S HOTEL HELL: North Korea Building BEACH RESORT at NUKE Testing Site

KIM'S HOTEL HELL: North Korea Building BEACH RESORT at NUKE Testing Site

North and South Korea have announced plans to field a unified women's hockey team for the Games. South Korean officials returned from the Masikryong Ski Resort yesterday after an inspection of the venue.

The first used vessels from North Korea via Nakhodka, about 53 miles (85km) east of the Russian city of Vladivostok.

Mattis also praised South Korea for recent efforts to enforce North Korean violations of United Nations economic sanctions, but stressed that diplomacy, backed by military power, must be the focus of the US effort to achieve stability on the Korean Peninsula.

Overall, the Unification Ministry said details linked to both joint training and culture performance will need to be further discussed through the inter-Korean communication line. The airfield is a 45-minute drive from the ski resort, said the official. At the same time, the report noted that the US Treasury Department had added the owner of one of the ships, the Ul Ji Bong 6, to a list of sanction targets on January 24 after the vessel delivered North Korean coal to Kholmsk on September 5.

"The South is considering playing modern and traditional music and holding literary events. The North said it would focus on traditional music", the official was quoted as saying.

The North Korean official claimed the sanctions posed little threat to his country, as all other previous sanctions had.

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That the war of words between the Trump administration and North Korean President Kim Jong-un had entered a unsafe new phase, with rhetoric backed by an explicit threat, would not have been lost on Kim and his advisers. Liberal South Korean President Moon Jae-in sees the Games as an opportunity to resume meaningful contact with the North following an extended period of animosity over its nuclear weapons and missiles program. First it was a prime mover in organising a meeting of foreign ministers from 20 countries to strengthen diplomatic efforts towards denuclearising the Korean peninsula - without inviting the North's neighbour and closest ally China, or Russian Federation.

South Korea has been advocating for the use of sporting events as a means to thaw the political tension between the two countries since the 1960s, according to the New York Times.

The U.S. has welcomed recent breakthrough talks between the two Koreas but vowed to maintain its campaign of punishing economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure aimed at isolating the North Korean regime and forcing it to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Korea's first match in the Olympics is due to be against Switzerland, the world's sixth-ranked team, on February 10.

Seoul is agonizing over how to support North Korea's participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, while not directly providing cash to the North. Cash payments to North Korea are banned under a set of United Nations and major countries' unilateral sanctions.